We are an informative website and our duty is to make reviews on Garcinia Cambogia extract supplements that are used for weight loss. We avail information regarding these products to the customers and leave them with the duty of making informed decisions. We always strive to ensure that consumers are aware of what is in the market and we even recommend some reading sources where they can obtain more information on Garcinia Cambogia products.

We are aware that Garcinia Cambogia supplements have become very popular and they have even been a subject of discussion on the media by prestigious TV personalities.They come in the form of pills whose difference is the level of concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid. Many customers are not aware of this and this is why we provide such information. We inform the customers that Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit which looks like a pumpkin and it grows in tropical regions. Some communities have used it for weight loss but its processed supplements came much later. It is a fruit which when taken suppresses appetite and helps in burning of fat.

The compound that helps in weight loss in this fruit is called Hydroxycitric Acid. The supplements contain different concentrations of this acid and this is what makes them different. Supplements with less than 50% content of Hydroxycitric Acid are most recommended because they have proven to be better than others. We advise customers not to purchase supplements whose content of the acid is not stated because it could be lower than the recommended level and hence not work well or it could be higher and lead to some problems. Our website also warns customers not to use free samples because they are not genuine and they only end up placing orders continuously which are difficult for the producers to cancel.